Water Heaters

Installed and Maintained by Applied Heating Services in Washington

Applied Heating Services of Washington offer maintenance checks and installation of water heaters throughout the North East. Our work is carried out a team of professional and gas safe registered engineers so you know that when you choose us to carry out water heater work, your system will be correctly and safely installed.

Water systems are still one of the popular ways of providing water to homes in the UK, the systems works by heating a tank of cold water to provide you with hot water to use, and when you use the hot water the tank tops itself up with more cold to heat up again, to provide you with a continuous flow of hot water, Here at Applied Heating Services we carry maintenance services and installation of water heaters in both commercial and domestic properties.

Water Heater Maintenance

To keep your water heater running smoothly it is important to carry out regular checks to maintain it, it is important to carry out regular flushing of the tank to help reduce the buildup of sediment in it. Our qualified and experienced engineers can carry out regular checks to help maintain your water tank. Removal of sediment from water tanks helps to improve the efficiency of your water tank.

As well as providing regular or annual servicing of your boiler, our experienced engineers can undertake a range of repair work such as flushing of the tank, pilot light repair, element burn out, leak and drip repair. So whether it’s regular checks on your water heater or a repair of a broken one and you’re based in the North East then Applied Heating services trusted gas safe registered engineers are the people for the job.

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Water Heater Installation

Applied Heating Services offer full system installation of water heaters as well as replacement of older model water heaters. Our fully qualified and gas safe registered engineers will guide you through the installation process of your water heater, to ensure your fitted with the best type to suit your family and property needs.

We proudly hold the trust mark for government endorsed standards, so when you’re looking to have a new water heater fitted then you know you’re in safe hands with Applied Heating Services, our team of expert engineers will provide an efficient install to the highest standards.

Contact Applied Heating Services for Water Heaters

Here at Applied Heating Services of Washington we are one of the leading North East companies when it comes to maintaining and installing water heaters, so when you’re looking for a repair, service or an install of a water heater in the North East then get in touch with your local water heater experts at Applied Heating Services on 01914172428.