Warm Air Heaters

Installed and Maintained by Applied Heating Services in Washington

Here at Applied Heating Services we offer both installation and maintenance services of warm air heating systems. Some properties throughout the North East already have warm heating systems installed, and it is becoming increasing popular again on new build properties as it allows the system to be built into the house during construction. We have carried out a range of installations services on both older build and new build properties.

Warm air heating systems work by extracting air from the outside of the property, and then heated over a gas fuelled flame which then gets circulated around the property to keep it warm. We carry out installations of warm air heating systems, as we believe it is a very efficient way to heat homes, and it a great preventive for properties prone to condensation and damp problems.

Warm Air Heater Maintenance

If you currently have or are looking to have a warm air system installed then it is imperative that you consider the aspects of servicing involved. Warm air systems need to be checked at least yearly, as they require more servicing than your standard heating systems; but they still provide a very efficient heating system for your home.

At Applied Heating Services we provide a range of services to help maintain your warm air heating system such as cleaning of the main unit, cleaning of the vents, replacement fans and replacement vents. Having your heating system checked regularly will ensure that it’s working correctly and you’re getting the best possible use out of it to heat your home.

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Warm Air Heater Installation

With spaces in modern houses become more limited than every inch really does count, so if you’re based in washing and are looking for a new heating system to help not only keep your home warm but to gain space too then Applied Heating Services can carry out the full installation process of warm air heating systems, the great benefit of warm air heating systems is there’s no need for radiators.

Warm air Heating systems can either be built into your properties walls or can be installed through small air heating units discreetly placed to heat your home or business. Warm air heating provides a great alternative to traditional heating systems, not only helping to keep your premises damp and condensation free but also providing you with a great heating system to keep you warm.

Contact Applied Heating Services for Warm Air Heaters

Our warm air heating systems and heaters are available in Washington and throughout the North East. We can carry out maintenance services and full installation services on both commercial and domestic buildings.So when it comes to warm air heating, call in Applied Heating Services on 01914172428 and you’ll be in safe hand with our gas safe registered engineers.