Underfloor Heating Systems

Installed and Maintained by Applied Heating Services in Washington

Here at Applied Heating in Washington we offer one of the most energy efficient ways to keep your home warm, in the form of underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is the closest thing to a perfect heating system, it creates an even spread of heat throughout the room and gets rid of those bulky radiators. Our heating system provides individual control for every room in the house.

Our underfloor heating is highly popular in both domestic properties and commercial properties. Our fully trained gas safe registered engineers can carry out a range of work involving underfloor heating such as full system installation, servicing and repairs.

Underfloor Heating Maintenance

Underfloor systems will need some maintenance to keep them running smoothly, our expert engineers cam provide regular service checks on your heating system to ensure that the system remains filled, bleeding to clear air bubbles and pressure checks. If your heating system is running smoothly it will provide you with a more efficient and better quality heating product.

As well as maintaining your boiler regularly out fully trained engineers can carry out a range of repairs such as leak repairs, pressure dropping, and system refilling. So when it comes to servicing and repairs Applied Heating Services has everything you need under one roof.

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Underfloor Heating Installation

Our experts are fully trained professionals who are experts in fitting underfloor heating, being one of the most complex heating services to install, it’s best to have it fitted and tested by a professional to ensure it safe to use and running smoothly. Here at Applied Heating Services our gas safe registered engineers provide a high quality and efficient installation process.

As one of the leading companies in providing energy efficient services here at Applied Heating Services in Washington we pride ourselves in offering one of the highest quality installation processes and one of the best range of underfloor systems. Our range of underfloor systems consists of single control system, multi room control systems, nighttime saving systems, wired control systems and wireless control systems.

Contact Applied Heating Services for Underfloor Heating Systems

So if you’re looking to have an underfloor system fitted, or your existing system needs some servicing or a repair then get in touch with the experts at Applied Heating Services on 01914172428, and one of our fully qualified and gas safe registered engineers will be more than happy to help. We cover not only offer our underfloor heating services in Washington but throughout the rest of the North East as well.