Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Landlord Gas Safety Checks and Certificates by Applied Heating Services in Washington

If you own a property in Washington or the rest of the North East and you rent it out to tenants then it isn’t just essential to have have a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate but its law. Here at Applied Heating Services you’re in safe hands we can carry out the necessary checks and provide you with the certificate at the end so you know you’re property meets all the necessary regulations.

We will send out one of our fully qualified and gas safe registered engineers to your property where they will carry out the necessary inspection to make sure your rental property meets government regulations, and if it doesn’t then we’ll work with you to get your property there. So when it comes to needing a safety check carrying out on your property you’re in safe hands with Applied Heating Services.

Landlord Gas Safety Checks

As a fully professional company we are able to carry out landlord gas checks on properties. When you choose us to carry out a gas safety inspection on your rental property one of our gas safe registered engineers will come out to your property at a time to suit you or your tenant and inspect it to make sure it meets regulations and if it doesn’t we will work with you to get you that all important certificate.

The inspection on your property will include a range of things such as checking of gas appliances, testing of gas pressure, checks of burner pressure against manufacturer’s data plate, necessary ventilation, flue flow, flame checks, carbon monoxide meter checks, and boiler checks. If your property meets all the standard of the inspection then we will proudly issue you a gas safety certificate for your property.

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The law on Gas Safety Certificates

By having the government trust mark of government endorsed standards we ensure all of our landlord customers have regular checks on the gas services in their properties, under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998, it is a landlords responsibility to carry out a gas check every 12 months.

We recommend to all of our landlord customers throughout the North East to not only carry out a gas check on your property every 12 months but to carry it out every time you take in new tenants to ensure that your property is gas safe, and if you don’t wish to carry out a check every time a new tenant comes in we recommend that your gas appliance are checked to make sure they are safe to use for your new tenants.

Contact Applied Heating Services for Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

So when it comes to need a certificate to prove your rental property is gas safe then get in touch with Applied Heating Services of Washington, serving rental homes throughout the North East, we pride ourselves on helping landlords to make their property gas safe. When you need a landlord gas safety certificate get in touch with the experts on 01914172428.